‘Attwood Property’ is made up of a group of people who take their clients seriously and do not settle for second best standards. They put the residents at the heart of what they do and are always willing to discuss ways to improve the area. We are very lucky to have Matthew and his team looking after us at Vicarage Square. We have seen many improvements since they have taken over. I know that our funds are being used to improve our homes and make it a better place to live. Honest and genuine company. Thank you for the work which you are doing. I am grateful that you never settle for second best for us.
Yee Lau
I have been a director at Coppid Hall for two and a half years now, Attwood’s have been our managing agent for the whole length of my directorship and for several years previously. Their problem solving and communication skills are second to none. The whole team are very knowledgeable and without their support I would be lost. Attwood’s are extremely helpful and trustworthy, and I very much appreciate their continued support managing our building.
Lynne Clarke
APS Ltd are a professional company that provide a personal service. I would recommend APS Ltd to any property owner.
Mrs A Phillip
Since purchasing my flat the block has been managed by 3 Agents. Thank goodness Attwood Property Services have taken over, they shine over the other Agents. We are now, with their help and direction, getting the building back to its former glory. From a personal point of view on the occasions that I have called them with a problem it has been dealt with immediately very efficiently. I would recommend them to manage any building.
Margaret Howell
Thurlby House Woodford Green
I have known and dealt with Attwood Property for several years now and have found them professional, efficient, reliable, trustworthy and friendly. I have no hesitation in recommending them.
Mr T Lewis
I have dealt with Attwoods for approximately 7 years during which time I was a director of a block of flats managed by Attwoods. The block was not an easy one to manage from many aspects.
Firstly, the block had been poorly managed by previous managing agents and Attwoods worked hard to sort out matters and put things on the correct footing.
A storm caused major damage to the roof. Attwoods had a workman on site in a matter of hours to carry out emergency repairs. The roof was subsequently replaced, this was supervised by Attwoods.
There were several trees on site which had been left to grow too big and Attwoods travelled to the site to oversee the reduction and pollarding.
There were also problems with the water tanks and the drainage pipes which Attwoods obtained a selection of quotes and presided over the works.
The great thing about Attwoods is they are a family firm which means they retain that friendliness that you could call with any small problem, however from experience they are large enough and capable enough to deal with the larger problems when they occur.
I like to deal with people I like and all of them are friendly and courteous. If I were running a property management firm, I would aspire to run it in the same manner, ‘Capable and Polite’.
Mark Weedon
My association with Attwood Property Services Ltd over the last three years has been well received, professional and caring at all times. The Management Staff have always provided prompt solutions to the many problems, small or large, that happen over time. Wansum Court are more than happy with the high standard of service and care they receive and would highly recommend them.
Ronald Osborn